Statutory Rules and Orders No. 8 of 2020 – Public Health (Quarantine) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020

No. 8 of 2020
Public Health (Quarantine) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020

In exercise of the power conferred by section 10 of the Public Health Act, Cap. 9.21, the Minister with the approval of Cabinet, makes the following Regulations:

[Published 27th March 2020, Extra Ordinary Gazette No. 21 of 2020]

1. Citation.

These Regulations may be cited as the Public Health (Quarantine) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020.

2. Addition of Notice of Quarantine/Isolation.

The Public Health (Quarantine) Regulations, 2020, is amend by adding the following new regulation 16 immediately following regulation 15.
“16. Notice of Quarantine/Isolation

(1) A person who is subject to quarantine or isolation shall be issued with a notice as set out in the form in Schedule III, which shall be signed in duplicate.

(2) Where a person is identified as being subject to quarantine or isolation, he or she shall sign the notice and shall retain a copy of the notice.

(3) Where the subject of the quarantine or isolation is a child or a person who is mentally disabled or otherwise incapacitated, a parent or guardian of the subject of the quarantine or isolation shall be issued with the notice and shall sign same on behalf of the child or person who is mentally disabled or otherwise incapacitated”.

Schedule III
(Regulation 16)

You yourself or a person _______________________ who is a child or who is mentally disabled or otherwise incapacitated, for whom you are the parent or legal guardian, are hereby required to be placed in QUARANTINE because it has been determined that you/ they may have been exposed/have been exposed to the COVID-19 Virus. This is necessary because of:

(a) Travel history which indicates that you have traveled to a known territory with has COVID cases


(b) You have been exposed to someone who has the disease or exposed to someone who is/ was providing care to someone with COVID-19


(c) You currently display symptoms consistent with the conditions of being infected with COVID-19

“Quarantine” means that you should remain in the confines of your home or other approved location for a period of at least 14 days and that you must NOT come into contact with other people during this period.

“Isolation” means that you are suffering from the COVID-19 virus and you must be completely separated from and must not come into contact with other persons with the exception of any medical personnel or public health officers

During this period you are also required to comply with all instructions given by the Ministry of Health’s Public Health Officers.

A Public Health Officer will be checking in on you periodically to ensure that your health remains stable and that you are complying with the requirements in this Notice. We shall further advise you when it is safe to return to your normal activities.

It is critical that you DO NOT resume normal activities or interact with other persons UNTIL your status has been confirmed by an official from the Ministry of Health. A failure to comply with these requirements may result in a fine and you being quarantined in a Government facility until the period of confinement is over. Please be reminded that this is for your health and the health of others.

Other Specific Instructions for Your Case: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Dated this                   day of                  2020.
Ministry of Health                                                                                          Person Quarantined

The remainder of this letter should be modified if being delivered to the parent or guardian of dependents. The parent or guardian should be given the choice to be quarantined with the dependent. If the parent or guardian does not choose to be quarantined with the dependent, then the parent/guardian is responsible for making arrangements for the dependent’s care and appropriate level of supervision.

Made this 27th day of March, 2020.
WENDY PHIPPS Minister of State responsible for Health

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