Stove for Cayon High

(ZIZ News) — A former student of Cayon High School has shown gratitude to her alma mater by donating a stove to the Home Economics Department.

Caricom Youth Ambassador, Sonia Boddie handed over the stove during a brief ceremony on Tuesday morning.

Principal of Cayon High, Addison James said the school was grateful for Boddie’s generosity and encouraged other past students to do the same.

“We’re really happy that initiatives like these could become a reality and I want to say to all past students, alumni of Cayon High School that you need to take a feather out of the cap of Miss Boddie. Take a page out of her book so that you could find some way of giving back to your alma mater,” he said.

Boddie said she was happy to give back, as the school had such a strong impact on her as a teenager.

“I always came to the Home Ec. Room because I felt at home when I came to the Home Ec. Room. The teachers always welcomed me. And they not only provided guidance in terms of food and nutrition and home economics but they also gave me a lot of wisdom. And a lot of guidance as to the better young person that I could become and I attribute a lot of who I have become today because of the guidance of the teachers of the Cayon High School,” she said.

She suggested that the stove could also be used for other purposes such as preparing food for Sports Day.

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