Stray animal contributed to Traffic Accident

TrafficAccidentFilePhoto(ZIZ) — The Tabernacle Police Station is investigating a single vehicle traffic accident which occurred about 9:45 PM on 6th May, 2014 along the Island’s Main Road in the vicinity of Mills’ Estate which resulted in the driver being slightly injured.

Initial investigation revealed that Shelisa Hanley of Shadwell Estate was driving her motor car PA 2585 from Saddlers Village towards Basseterre when a cattle ran out of a sugar cane field, across the road, which resulted in Shelisa trying to avoid striking the animal and ran into a tree.

The Traffic Department takes this opportunity to encourage motorist to be mindful of the areas at which stray animals may cross the road suddenly, and to drive cautiously and within the speed limit in these areas. Also, to encourage owners of these stray animals to have them tied or penned in order to avoid traffic accidents which may result in serious injuries or death. Further, owners who have their animals wondering about in the public and on other persons’ property are committing and offences, and will be prosecuted if their animals damage other persons property or contributed to any traffic accident.

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