Student Seminar on Charting a Career Path Hailed a Useful Venture

Agnes Farrell – Facilitator on Resume Writing and Cover Letters

ZIZ News…May 01, 2010 – A timely, well organised and very important aspect of personal and professional development, this was the Seminar for Students under the theme “Charting a Career Path” held on Tuesday, 27 April 2010. Male and female students from the secondary schools, AVEC, CFBC, nursing students and interns from the Solid Waste were guided by presentations on Resume Writing and Grammar presented by Ms Agnes Farrell, Tip and Techniques for Job Interviews facilitated by Ms Gwendolyn Nisbett and Office Procedures by P Cyndie Demming, President of NAAP.

Presentations were not lecture type, instead students were asked to write their application letters and resumes in response to actual vacancies advertised in the local news papers and some were called to present these letters to their peers. Students participated in mock interviews, while some sessions focused on deportment, customer service, dress code and the selection of lifestyle/subjects/courses which would lead to a desired career path. Ms Nisbett, following her presentation urged students to pay particular attention to what is being said in the media. They should not close their ears to political news, but sift through the messages and also listen for the current events and economic developments of the country.

Impromtu sessions for the students formed part of the programme. Agnes Farrell was introduced by Ashlyn Wilson, Gwendolyn Nisbett was introduced by Heidi Williams and Patrivia Williams read the profile of Cyndie Demming. The students who accepted the challenge were award prizes compliments Caribbean Journey Masters.

“It was a rewarding experience to see students take this seminar seriously”, said Acklyn Blaize, AP Week Coordinator. She continued that “because of certain limitations, we could only accommodate a set number of students, as there were schools wanting to register more than 5 students. It is the hope of the Association to host this seminar again, and maybe make it a one day – all day seminar for students.” Ms Blaize also wanted to note that all students received tokens from LIME, Sweet Temptations, CHIPPIE and contributions from Delisle Walywn and Royal Bank of Canada cannot go unmentioned.

President of NAAP, Cyndie Demming in one word summed the 18 – 27 April activities as “Productive”.

Diana Prentice, Ast Secretary to NAAP Board and President Cyndie

Gwendolyn Nisbett – Facilitator on Tips and Techniques for Job Interviews

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