Students Go Back to School

(ZIZ News) – Thousands of students showed up at school, some starting out for the first time, on Monday after a long summer.

Students from as early as day-care to the local high schools were seen sporting new haircuts, hairstyles, uniforms and brand new attitudes as they started the 2015-2016 academic year.

Some students, like those at the Newton Ground Primary, walked into brand new or refurbished facilities that were renovated during the period.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education Hon. Shawn Richards is urging parents and guardians to help influence the youth by keeping them in school.

In his Back to School address, he said there is nothing as useful and important as education to keep the Nation moving upward and forward.

Minister Richards further advised parents and guardians to ensure that the children are properly attired in the right uniform and prepared for school with the necessary tools.

He said the school administration will also do its part in ensuring all students are safe, comfortable and well taught.

In the interim, schools will be diving into preparations for the 32nd celebration of St. Kitts and Nevis’ Independence.

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