Successes In HIV-AIDS Fight

(ZIZ News) — Prime Minister the Hon Dr Timothy Harris says efforts in the region to tackle the spread of HIV-AIDS are bearing fruit.

He said the UNAIDS Lancet Commissions Report on Defeating HIV AIDS stated that there is a distinct possibility that by 2030 HIV can become a non-issue as far as public health is concerned.

“There has been significant reduction nearing 50 percent in the level of transmission from mother to child with respect to HIV and there were other significant improvements downward in respect to the global fight and HIV-AIDS,” he said.

He noted however that in the meantime public awareness and other efforts must continue.

“The report of course cautioned that we can’t sit on our laurels and there is ongoing need for more efforts and collaboration to ensure in particular that there is a sufficiency of cheap drugs available for those infected with HIV,” he said.

He said the report also noted that stigma and discrimination have to be eliminated if the region is to achieve the success which is envisaged by 2030.

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