Sugar Mas’ 43 ends Incident Free

SugarMas-1(ZIZ News) — Following the completion of more than 25 events and street activities, Sugar Mas 43 has finally come to an end.

The six-week festival culminated with the second island-wide Bar Crawl on Saturday.

Sugar Mas 43 saw the increase in crowds for the all Carnival shows, especially the Soca Monarch Finals which, according to Chairman of the National Carnival Committee Sylvester Anthony, was three times larger than the previous year.

Nevisian Calypsonian, Astro and St. Marteen teen D’shnay Matthew-York recorded historic wins in the National Senior Calypso Monarch competition and the Haynes Smith Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant respectively.

In terms of violent incidents, Commissioner of Police Dr. Celvin Walwyn said the recently concluded Carnival season was one of the most successful they have seen in recent years.

“I don’t have any violent incidents that happened during the Carnival. It was one of the best that we have had over the years. We had the regular little fights here and there but as far as violence, we didn’t have any,” he said.

St. Kitts and Nevis’ National Carnival was held under the theme, “Join the Fun and Revelry, Sugar Mas 43.

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