Supermarket Price List for Shoppers

StKittsNevisCoatOfArms-1(ZIZ News)– The Department of Consumer Affairs is making grocery shopping a little easier with the publication of a supermarket price comparison list, earlier today.

The list, called “Look at the Supermarket”, compares prices of various supermarkets in and out of Basseterre highlighting the highest and lowest prices.

Communications Officer Desiree Powell said the whole idea is to encourage everyone to shop around to save money.

“For example, you’re accustomed to buying cabbage in X Supermarket, you just go to X Supermarket each month and don’t check the others or the vendors on the street. So it is important that consumers shop around. We can’t say that enough. Shop around. Some people might say ‘We don’t have trans’ or ‘No one’s there to take me there’ but we have the ‘Look at the Supermarket’. You look at it and you know exactly where to go,” she explained.

According to a statement, this is part of the Consumer Affairs Division’s Outreach Programme.

The Department said the information is published under its Consumer Awareness Programme and is not an attempt to advertise for any business.

Powell says they plan to expand the list’s distribution but in the meantime you can get a copy at the Consumer Affairs Department or on their website at


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