Sustainable Tourism Training

(ZIZ News) — Representatives from various tourism stakeholders are now better equipped to play a part in the sustainable tourism movement in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Recently the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Tourism International teamed up to develop ways to advance the tourism sector while preserving the country’s resources and heritage.

Part of the process involved training individuals from numerous sectors on the concept of sustainable tourism and how their institution plays a role.

These participants recently graduated at a ceremony held at Port Zante.

Assistant Sustainable Tourism Coordinator, Leah Carriere, congratulated the graduates and said sustainable tourism is a movement that needs every sector to get onboard.

Minister of Tourism, the Hon Lindsay Grant re-emphasized the need to get everyone involved in the sustainable development of the tourism sector.

“Sustainable destination management requires an all hands on deck approach with full participation from the public sector, civil society and local enterprises. And that’s why today it’s so great to see such a diverse group of participants graduating from this programme. When all of us come together we can achieve something great,” he said.

33 participants from both St. Kitts and Nevis received a Sustainable Tourism Professionals Certificate; formal credentials for tourism professionals and destination managers, endorsed by George Washington University.

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