SWMC endorses efforts of police and residents in cleaning abandoned lots

A group formed by some six police officers is working with residents of various communities to clean up abandoned lots on St. Kitts. Assistant Commissioner of Police Adolph Adams said the group was designed to mobilize residents in some of the communities on the island, to clean up unkempt lots in a bid to promote safer communities. “It’s a police and community engagement where police are going into a number of areas like McKnight, Shadwell and in the Village and we are identifying areas that are of concern to the police where persons can hide contraband in areas that are very dark and people could become prone to robberies,” ACP Adams said. “We are giving persons who reside in the community an opportunity to clean these areas and receive some sort of compensation for cleaning up the area,” Adams added. He disclosed that while he is not able to pinpoint the exact areas where this exercise is taking place, he said residents in the community together with the police have identified areas in the various communities that need cleaning.

While he was unable to disclose the amount of payments made to persons who assist with the cleanup, ACP Adams said the funds are gathered from the support of the business community. He said the residents have been very cooperative. “Persons are getting involved because after they realize what the group is doing, people are getting very involved in the activities. It is also providing an opportunity for unemployed persons in the community…that would have become deviant because they have nothing to do, (this project) is a sort of income for them and it is something to keep them occupied as well,” ACP Adams said.

Meanwhile, Marketing Supervisor at the Solid Waste Management Corporation (SWMC) Namayombo Mgonela, said the corporation endorses the efforts of this group in helping to keep communities and the environment clean. “Solid Waste certainly endorses this initiative because it certainly lines up with what we at Solid Waste believe in and that is keeping our country clean. And so for this group of officers to take it upon themselves to make a difference and work with the communities, is really something to be commended,” she said.

She added that the SWMC has been supporting the initiative by making bins available for the clean-up. “We felt that it is right for us to come on board and assist in anywhere possible,” she added. ACP Adams said the project will continue as long as necessary until completion.

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