Taiwan Medical Delegation Arrives

(ZIZ News) — A delegation of Taiwanese medical officials arrived in St. Kitts on Sunday afternoon to provide free services to the Federation over the coming week.

The 24 visiting officials are members of the Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps and are made up of doctors, nurses and volunteers.

They’ll be in the Federation until September 21 providing services in dentistry, paediatrics, paediatric infectious diseases, gynaecology, and internal medicine.

Resident Ambassador, His Excellency, George Gow-Wei Chiou noted the significance of this partnership as it comes while St. Kitts-Nevis celebrates 32 years of Independence.

“When they come here, it’s the right week, the right time, for the National Heroes Day and Independence Day of St. Kitts and Nevis. So this is a gift from Taiwan to come here and celebrate the Independence Day of St. Kitts and Nevis,” he said.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patrick Martin said while here, the Taiwanese officials will be working with local practitioners in hospitals, and community health centres.

“We are taking them to the people rather than people scurrying around looking for them. And they’ll be working alongside our people as part of the normal service delivery,” he said.

The group will be working in St. Kitts from the 13th to 17th of September and in Nevis from the 18th to 21st September.

According to a statement, the Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps believes that medical service should transcend national borders and exceed the limitations of politics, race, and religion.

It holds as its end goal a united international community working in cooperation to bring about fair access of healthcare to all populations.

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