Take Diabetes Seriously

(ZIZ News) — Public Relations Officer of the St. Kitts Diabetic Association, Dr. Reginald O’Loughlin says the people of the Federation need to pay more attention to Diabetes.

Dr. O’Loughlin said due to the nature of Diabetes, people do not feel the need to get tested until it is too late.

“I still think that they can pay a bit more attention and I always say it is linked to the fact that Diabetes has no pain factor associated with it. They often forget the fact that Diabetes is part of their makeup and they eat everything and drink everything and it’s only when they attend a medical centre, whether it’s a doctor’s office or clinic, and they’re told their sugar levels are high then they get a refresher that they need to home and start to do what they should have been doing all the time,” he said.

He said the Diabetic Association has held activities to educate the public on the importance of understanding Diabetes.

Among them was a camp to educate children.

“We were actually able to accomplish our goals by being able to demonstrate to the children how you can prepare a simple meal from readily available stuff that they themselves can prepare and that is healthy and would not cause any major problems when it comes to keeping their sugar levels under control,” he said.

As part of its awareness programme, the association will be hosting a Diabetes Symposium on August 23 at the Old Girls’ School on Victoria Road.

The association is providing transportation for interested persons.

Transportation would be available from 2pm in St. Paul’s at Miss Carty’s Shop, via Sandy Point, with pickups at all health centres along the route.

Transportation would also be available from Dieppe Bay, via Cayon, at the health centres in each village.

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