Tameka Williams off National Olympic Team

Tameka Williams

Athlete Tameka Williams has been removed from the National Olympic Team, currently in London for the 2012 Games.

Freddie Knight, Vice President of The National Olympic Committee confirmed that a decision has been taken to withdraw Tameka Williams from the team.

Although not many details were given he did say that she did not test positive for banned substances. He said the NOC President, Alphonso Bridgewater is investigating the issue and a press release will be issued shortly.

But in the meantime, Miss Williams is off the team and has been sent home.

On Saturday Williams posted on her Facebook page “Although results from a drug test in early June came back clean I was sent home due to false accusations. It’s sad to see a 22-year-olds dreams washed away by people who don’t believe in me. W/ no chance of a second drug test to prove my innocence i was dismissed. SKN I am not sorry for working hard all year and I have never taken illegal substances to enhance my performance or any thereof.”

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