Tavis Smiley hails PM’s leadership

TavisSmileyA(ZIZ) American television personality Tavis Smiley has Credited Prime Minister the Right Hon Dr Denzil Douglas as embodying the definition of a leader.

Speaking at the Prime Minister’s New Year’s Gala smiley said there is growing change in the way leaders are defined, which a shift towards how they serve the people; and the prime minister fits what he termed “the definition of a leader”.

“What matters is, if I’m right about this and I believe I am, is that leadership is about loving people and serving people then all that matter is what is the depth of your love for everyday people and what is the quality of your service to them,” he said.

He also challenged everyone to emulate the prime minister’s qualities.

“While we cannot all be prime ministers we can all be leaders in our own right. Somebody is watching you. Somebody is listening to you; somebody is taking their cues from you. Every one of us in our own unique way is a leader,” he said.

He urged everyone to dedicate their time to love and serve people and the world would be a better place.

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