Teachers Encouraged to Develop Creativity in Students

(ZIZ News) – The Federation’s teachers are being encouraged to nurture the creativity of the students in their care.

The advice came from Dr. Martha Cheney who, while addressing the Ministry of Education’s Summer Workshop, said the enhancement of creativity is essential for growth.

“A significant body of research suggests that children’s academic performance, including critical and creative thinking, is enhanced by instruction in the arts,” Cheney said, adding that, “The arts support higher level of motivation and persistence because they promote the expression of the individual experience and imagination and the arts open an important avenue for the exploration of truth and beauty and essentially human quest. The arts are not an extra or an option. Opportunities for expression help to give children self-confidence and a consciousness of the world and their place in it.”

Dr. Cheney reminded the teachers of the importance of nurturing relationships in schools.

“Our ultimate purpose is the nurturing and growth of our human children. If we honour their uniqueness, surround them with warm nurturing and respectful relationships, make room for their imaginations to take flight and encourage them to seek and express truth and beauty, we will not go too far wrong,” she stated.

The summer workshop is an annual event, hosted for teachers of all levels. It ends on 3rd September.

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