Teachers Trained to Help Autistic Children

(ZIZ News) — An autism expert has been in the Federation conducting workshops for teachers who work with autistic children.

Over the past week, Dr. Sheryl Rosin has been training educators in techniques used to detect symptoms of autism and how to improve the children’s social skills and learning experience.

“I gave them resources, and I passed out information and we went over assessment tools, intervention practices…just how to help families and children with autism and I definitely think that it was successful. And they started sparking ideas in their minds on how to continue this and they’re looking forward to more information and for me to come back and work in specifics with some individuals,” she said.

Dr. Rosin also set up a free clinic to work with families that need her input.

“After the three-day training, I sort of said to the teachers that were there that if there are any families that you think would benefit from my expertise or input, please invite them to come. So, I opened up a free clinic at the University of Medicine and I saw eight families that day. Two had already been diagnosed with Autism and three new cases were diagnosed that day,” she said

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability resulting from a neurological disorder that affects brain functioning and occurs during the first three years of life.

Autism impacts the normal development of the brain in the areas of social interaction, communication, sensory system, and behaviour.

Dr. Rosin says there has been no correlation in science between vaccines and autism.

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