Team Unity not impressed with Employment Initiatives

HonDrTimothyHeadshotBZIZ News — Despite numerous attempts by the government of St. Kitts/Nevis to fill the employment void as a result of the economic recession, the Opposition says it is not enough.

Leader of Team Unity, Honourable Dr. Timothy Harris, yesterday criticised the government, claiming that it was not providing adequate jobs for residents.

“Too many people are out of work. Too many people are indebted and that is an indication that all is not well with the health of the economy,” he said.

The former senior government minister, who has criticised the People’s Employment Programme [PEP] on several occasions, then said that PEP was created as an election gimmick rather than as a programme to fill the employment void.

“PEP was never intended for people to work. PEP was intended by Douglas a means of fooling people by giving them false hope with a temporary job in the expectation that the election would’ve been held by now,” he said.

The People’s Employment Programme [PEP], which was launched in December 2012, has been praised by members of the local, regional and international communities.

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