Technology Minister Promises More WI-FI Access

ZIZ News — Minister of Technology, the hon. Glenn Phillip said his ministry is taking steps to make it easier for everyone to access the internet.

He said as a follow up to the Laptop Distribution Programme, they will soon give out “dongles” that will allow internet access without nearby Wi-Fi.

“When they are at home, those persons who cannot afford to, we have just wrote a project to the USF to provide dongles to our students to access the internet using the 4G networks that are available,” he said.

Minister Phillip said there are also plans to bring internet access to communities through innovation centres.

He added, “These are centres that would be used to assist our students or even persons who are living in the communities who can’t afford access. They would be able to go to these centres to do their research or communicate with loved ones.”

The pilot project is set for Middle Island.

These initiatives are being undertaken with financial assistance from the Universal Service Fund.

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