Technology training for youth

The Department of Technology is teaming up with Congress WBN of Trinidad and Tobago to introduce a programme to teach young persons how to create application software.

The project is called the I-Can Mobile App Development Programme, designed to create applications for devices including smart phones and tablet computers.

Applications are designed to help users perform specific tasks and can include games, word processing, media players, navigation tools, social media, weather and news and more.

Prime Minister Douglas said young people are usually more tech savvy than older persons and this programme would harness their curiosity and develop skills.

“Many of them know that their mental wiring finds these technological changes quite fascinating. In light of this, your government feels that it has an obligation to help these technologically inclined young people to ascertain whether this is indeed what they were meant to do, and if that is the case we must help them to do it”

He said aside from the technical training there will also be sessions on morality and ethics. He called on everyone to help instill these values in the youth.

“Instruction on these matters cannot be limited to the classroom only. And so, long after this 4-day course is over these young people like all young people, in all fields and even many other older persons as well, will need ongoing reminders and reinforcement on matters pertaining to values, personal standards, and decency. And this is where the rest of us come in because it is a fact that we will get from our society exactly what we put into it”

The workshop will be held in December and is expected to run for four days. It will be held at the National ICT Center.

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