Teen Mothers Complete Governance Workshop

AyeshaConstable-1ZIZ News — Twenty seven teen mothers completed a gender, governance and empowerment workshop on Thursday at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.

This workshop was organised by the departments of constituency empowerment and gender affairs.

Participants dined with top business and government officials at a gender governance and empowerment lunch reception which concluded the two day event.

Expert Facilitator Ayesha Constable said that similar workshops are being held all around the world.

“There is this thrust towards ensuring that women and girls are recognised and included in development planning and seen as critical stakeholders during any kind of development that suppose to be sustainable. So as we speak there are summits like this being held all across the world. There was one in Australia this summer, there was one in Carolina that my friend organised. When I left Jamaica we just finished planning our I’m glad I’m a girl summer camp there was one in the UK as well so this is a global best practice I am very happy to be a part of this but more importantly I applaud St Kitts and the organisers in particular for deciding that this was something worthwhile and important to do.”

Constable said that the sessions helped teen mothers find their voice.

“They did several sessions, social graces for a teen mom, teens mom and sexual health they talked about self image and how they defined beauty they did sessions on presenting themselves there was also a session on finding your voice which is so very important for young women and young women at this stage who very often lose their voices by virtue to some of the experiences they’ve had.”

Shaquilla Walters, a participant in the programme, reflected on her academic journey and used the opportunity to encourage teen mothers.

“I would also like to encourage the other teen mothers not only myself to keep moving forward and to keep your heads held high because this is not the end.”

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