The calypso fraternity mourns the loss of two calypsonians

Singing Angie after coronation at Green Valley

ZIZ News…April 25 2012 — One of the Federations most consistent female calypsonian and another one of the oldest calypsonians have died.

Andrea Walters known in the calypso arena as “Singing Angie” was hospitalized at the main hospital where she died after a brief bout of illness.

Among the many accolades she has under her belt is the recent three peat performance in the Calypso Show at the Green Valley Festival last year 2011 when the veteran Singing Angie emerged as winner from a field of 11 competitors that included 9 men and two females.

She did the selection “One Song” which spoke of the fact that with so many different topics to cover, it is almost impossible for the contestants to do justice to the myriad of issues that are affecting Kittitians in various spheres of life.

Some of her top calypsos are “Queen of Green” “Lord Heavens Knows”, “One Song”, and “A done pay me money”. Singing Angie was also a former Ring Bang calypso queen held at PAM Headquarters.

Singing Angie

The forty one year old Lodge resident passed away leaving behind her three children.

The news came as a shock to calypso fans and many of her friends who expressed their condolences to the family via the social network Facebook and on the local radio stations.

The calypso fraternity is also mourning the loss of King of the Twenty nine Fellows, the oldest calypsonian ever to hit the stage. Some of his more popular songs are “He was a hero” a tribute paid to former Premier and National Hero the Right Excellent Sir Robert L. Bradshaw, “Smut” and “Oh Poor Women”.

He died at the age of ninety six years.

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