The Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean

(ZIZ News) — On Tuesday, the Federation’s medical community was invited to an introduction to the Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean based in Antigua and Barbuda.

The plan is to establish cancer care clinics in OECS countries to operate in conjunction with the main facilities.

An introduction was also given to the soon-to-Be Cancer Centre St. Kitts and the Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean Foundation.

Dr. Conville Browne, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Cancer Centre Of The Eastern Caribbean, said despite the fact that some persons believe developing countries do not deserve first world care, the centre offers just that.

“We deserve first world medicine. We live and we die the same way and therefore we deserve first world medicine and I have always believed therefore that we should put in place the best,” he said.

Comparing the radiation treatment and chemotherapy in Antigua to developed countries Browne said “You can go to the USA, Canada, Europe and you may find equal but not better. Two years from now that story may change but today, that’s the state of the art and that’s what we have in Antigua for the people of the OECS.”

Minister of Health Hon. Eugene Hamilton thanked Dr. Browne for his vision of cancer care for the Eastern Caribbean sating, “I wish to express my profound appreciation to Dr. Conville Browne and his associates at the Eastern Caribbean Eastern Caribbean Cancer Center for their vision; their vision in establishing a critical cancer facility in the Eastern Caribbean. The vision of the cancer center of excellence has been realised through innovation, perseverance and investments, largely by our private funds.”

The Eastern Caribbean Cancer Centre was officially launched on June 26th 2015 and began operations on July 1st.

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