The Evolution Of Data Collection At The Local Intelligence Office

The Local Intelligence Office which is part of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force is the main agency responsible for data collection and over the past decades the data collection process has evolved to address policing strategies and meet the needs of partnering agencies.

That’s according to Sergeant Winston Thompson, Supervisor with responsibilities for the Local Intelligence Office who was speaking during ZIZ radio’s programme “Policing With You” on Thursday.

He explained that in the past data was captured in log books but it was difficult to then find the information needed from these books in a timely manner.

Sergeant Thompson said the department then opted to use forms to capture data which made retrieval of information easier.

He added that along with the forms the department started capturing data using computer programmes such as Microsoft Excel.

In 2019, Sergeant Thompson said the Local Intelligence Office started using a more tailor made digital record system known as the Crime Management System(CMS).

He noted that before  this system was introduced the department would only analyze and examine  major crimes, now with CMS, he said  the department  can now focus on  all incidents in an effort to have a better understanding of what is happening in our communities.

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