The fete described as the last jam before exams is less than 72 hours away

ZIZ News…April 27 2011 – Island Soul Entertainment in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Empowerment presents ‘Teen Splash’.

Island Soul is consistently finding avenues to empower youth through the arts.

Successful events such as Clash of the High Schools that are held annually prove our commitment to nation building.

Teen Splash offers a safe environment for youth to socialise and enjoy entertainment by their peers.

Kittitian artistes Hotta Lyrics, Nicha B, Ashkanaz, Silk & Footsy, Meeshach, Chronical Family, Dejour, DJ RInch, Upstairs Family and much more are slated to perform live at Carnival Village on Friday April 29th at 7 p.m.

The event will feature Kollison Band, Pinnochio, Sweet Sister Sensia, TNO and Unstoppable Sound.

Students from the high schools in St. Kitts will also perform at the Teen Splash Music Fest.

Earlier this month at the Verchild’s High School their arts committee held a pre-show to allow students to try out for Teen Splash.

You can’t afford to miss the Island Soul Entertainment’s Teen Splash Music Fest.

Tickets are on sale at the respective high schools and at Plush Accessories on West Independence Sq. Street.

Search Teen Splash on for giveaways!

Teen Splash Music Fest! The last jam before exams!

Teen Splash is brought to you by Island Soul Entertainment, the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, LIME for Living Every Day, GIANT MALT and

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