“The Fit Show” Coming to ZIZ TV

(ZIZ News) – A new health and fitness program will be airing twice weekly on ZIZ Television.

“The Fit Show”, produced in Nevis, will begin airing on ZIZ Television from Monday July 27th.

Public Relations Officer for “The Fit Show”, Chantell Walwyn said their aim is to promote a healthier federation.

She said, “‘The Fit Show’ is the longest running health show in Nevis. The goal of the show is to promote health, wellness and also fitness awareness in our community. Now that we’re partnering with ZIZ and St. Kitts, we kind of want to promote a healthier federation so our goal ultimately is for both islands to come together and understand the importance of health and fitness.”

Walwyn said “The Fit Show” emphasizes the importance of not just exercising but also healthy eating.

“You have to definitely eat well first and foremost. A lot of people kind of want to just go to the gym, they just want to work out; they’re more concerned about the exterior of their bodies. Actually it starts with the interior, what you put into your body so the show promotes healthy eating, it promotes understanding of vitamins, supplements and what they’re really for.”

“The Fit Show” will be aired twice weekly on ZIZ Television on Mondays, with a rebroadcast on Wednesdays.

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