The Gold in Seventh-Day Adventist Education

Basseterre, St. Kitts (SKNIS) — Educators of the Seventh-Day Adventist School recently came together for a Professional Development Workshop to increase their efficiency, deepen their dedication and explore the theme, “The Gold in Seventh-day Adventist Education.”

Dr. Eulalie Semper, Education Director of the South Leeward Mission of Seventh-Day Adventists, stated that each teacher is like the precious metal, gold, and is vital to a thriving Christian school.

“Individual responsibility, effort and personal sacrifice are indeed the requirements for successful Christian schools,” Dr. Semper said. “To each teacher, work has been allotted and no one can be a substitute for another. Every teacher has a mission of wonderful importance which we cannot neglect or ignore. We should all pledge to be faithful workers with God as we embrace personal and professional development.”

She explained that each teacher is “powerful” and should “individually feel that the success of the school and children within its sacred walls are affected by his or her course of action.”

She further explained that “classrooms come to life when teachers, ignited by the quest for knowledge, spark energy, hope and love for education into the minds of young waiting students.”

Chief Education Officer Clarice Cotton stated that the Ministry regards professional development of teachers as important making reference to the recently held training workshop that equipped teachers with tools for the new school year.

Ms. Cotton commended the Seventh-Day Adventist School for taking the initiative to bring teachers together to have the workshop and stated that “it is good for teachers to take the time out to learn as they are teaching children how to learn.”

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