The Grand Masters ‘Step Pon Dem’ creating a stir for Sugar Mas 40:40

ZIZ News…Dec 15 2011 – “None a Dem” title track of the latest recording of the Grand Masters created quite a stir on Wednesday night when they released the album to their many fans.

The Grandmasters will be seeking to recapture the Road March title they lost last year with one of their many hit tunes.

The album entitled “Step Pon Dem” features nine tracks and was recorded at Platinum Studios in Newton Ground engineered by Jeffrey Brooks.

Many persons called in to wish the band well and congratulated them on what has been described as a good mix of music and the song “None a Dem” will definitely be a big contender for the Road March title 2011/12.

The leader of the band Wingrove Williams was very excited about the new album and quite eager to release it to not only the people of St. Kitts and Nevis but all those who were in tuned via all around the world.

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