The King Pungwa has won his third Senior Calypso crown following a splendid performance at the Sugar Mill

King Pungwa

ZIZ News…Dec 30, 2010 – Thousands listened, watched and went to the Sugar Mill to witness calypso at its best and it all came down to the judges in what has been described as one of the better competitions over the years.

Pungwa outclassed his other competitors, but not by much, to take the LIME sponsored Senior Monarch Calypso Competition.

Pungwa amassed a total of seven hundred and ninety six points to dethrone the King Socrates doing the songs “Hang Them High” and “Take Off De Old Clothes”.

Socrates took the first runner up spot following closely behind with a total of seven hundred and ninety four points. The other positions, second runner up went to Queen Anastasia with seven hundred and seventy points while Stitch In Time took the third runner-up position with a score of seven hundred and sixty four points.

Many persons were satisfied with the judging of the competition including the former King Socrates who congratulated Pungwa on a job well done and praised the other calypsonians for their competitive spirit.

The calypso lovers braved the inclement weather and went out to the Sugar Mill to give their support to the calypsonians. Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas crowned the king and congratulated him on a job well done.

The show was hosted by Calypso Reggie and the musical accompaniment was provided for the eight calypsonians by the Legends Band and the Grand Masters. The show was carried live on ZIZ Radio and video streamed on the World Wide Web.

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