The National Archives takes a trip down memory lane

ZIZ News — The aquatic sport events on Easter Monday have become synonymous with 4-H.  They consist of a number of water based races and activities.

Once, long ago, there was also a sail boat race and the organisers at one point even tried to include a speed boat race.  The event that everybody looks forward to, however, is the greasy pole contest.

At the end of a well greased pole is a ham shoulder that a lucky person can take home. With each try there is less grease on the pole so that eventually one person able to hang on long enough will get to the end of the pole and win the prize.

The photograph attached to this article was taken in 1968 and shows Vernon James winning the event.  The photographer was James Battice.

The photograph was released by the national archives in keeping with the spirit of the Easter holidays.

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