The OECS Business Council Convenes Meeting in Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis

The Interim Board of Directors of the OECS Business Council met on 27 to 28 November 2013 to finalise the administrative arrangements for the establishment of the OECS Business Council and to commence the strategic planning for the development of the private sector.

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank in St Kitts and Nevis where representatives from the eight OECS member countries reaffirmed the Memorandum of Understanding solidifying cooperation among the private sectors of the region.

The Interim Board noted that the economic challenges of the last five years highlighted the need for more private sector involvement in the creation of economic policy in the OECS region.  As such, the OECS Business Council is expected to provide the mechanism for the private sector to be fully engaged in economic policy formation, to advocate for programmes to enhance the role of the private sector and to promote growth and development of the private sector in the economies.

The meeting discussed approaches to the operationalisation of the Business Council, including its executive structure; the process of registration of local chapters in each member state; financing; an action plan; and a public awareness programme.

The Business Council, for which administrative arrangements commenced in 2009, has committed to meet monthly to operationalise the work of the Council, address key issues and strategically plan the way forward in relation to the development of the region’s private sector.

Present at the meeting were:  Ms Lilian Piper, Commonwealth of Dominica; Dr Errol Samuel, Antigua and Barbuda; Mrs Aine Brathwaite, Grenada; Mr Andrew Woodroffe, St Vincent and the Grenadines; Ms Wendy Phipps, St Kitts and Nevis; Mr Keithley Lake, Anguilla; Mrs Margaret Howe,  Montserrat and Mr Brian Louisy, Saint Lucia.

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