The Police have made several arrests for various offences

Police Headquarters

ZIZ News…Feb 22 2012 — Investigations into a report of larceny at Tech Sperts have resulted in formal charges being laid on Shawn Liburd of Carty Alley for the offence of Building Breaking and Larceny. Investigations further reveal that goods to the tune of ECD$55,525.18 were found to be stolen in this matter.

Meanwhile, over in Nevis officers of the Gingerland Policing District during routine patrols discovered in some bushes in the Old Manor area five transparent plastic bags containing cannabis. No one was made answerable in relation to this find but investigations are ongoing in an effort to identify and locate persons of interest.

And on Tuesday February 21, officers of the Gingerland policing District preferred charges against one Kevin Merchant for the offence of larceny. The offence took place on the 3rd February of 2012 at Clay Ghaut. He was also charged with possession of Controlled Drugs to wit Cannabis as a result of him being searched in the Old manor area. On that same day Dean Daniel of Butlers was formally arrested and charged for being in possession of controlled drugs to wit cannabis. Investigators further reported that he was found having such in his possession when stopped and searched in the Old Manor area.

In other Police news…Officers of the Criminal Investigation Department within the Federation are paying special attention to cases involving special victims. The Commissioner of Police has commenced formal discussions with overseas agencies to assist with training in these areas with a focus on victims of Rape and Indecent Assault.

It has been observed that we are experiencing too many incidences of Indecent Assault cases especially those of which involve victims which are minors. The Commissioner of police frowns on social ills of this nature and calls upon the social services and Non Governmental Organisations for their support in the stance against such ills. The Commissioner of Police is seeking the support of the General Public at this time especially taken into account that as recent as this week reports have been filled with our institution of a two year old (2) female child being molested.

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