The Quest to Develop Leaders

(ZIZ News) — The new Director of Human Empowerment, Duncan Wattley says going forward, his department will be focusing on grooming leaders from within various communities.

During Wednesday’s edition of “Working for You” Wattley said his team will launch activities and get people involved in the development process of the nation.

“We have leaders. We have people out there who have talents. I don’t wanna believe that leaders are made, naturally. They are born. And so, when we have people there, all they need is a little help. Whether resources are limited, the capacity, the knowledge, they can’t go to university, whatever. And so this department, we’re going to do whatever it is to unearth some of these talents that we have,” he said.

According to Wattley, their first order of business is to go out into the community and speak with residents.

“Trying to find out what are the needs, where do you want to go? Because, you’d recognize what’s happening now. There’s a void. And so the criminal activity and everything that’s happening is because we do not have enough community based activities,” he said.

The Department of Human Empowerment has been repurposed to focus on leadership from the community level and create a forum and focal point for returning nationals to contribute to the development of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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