The Rotary Club of Liamuiga Condemns Environmental Vandalism Along the Newtown Bay Road Boulevard

July 18, 2022 (RC) — For over ten (10) years, the Rotary Club of Liamuiga has and continues to demonstrate our commitment to community outreach and support for the environment through beautification and the planting of several palm trees along the sea wall of the Newtown Bay Road boulevard and the general upkeep of this area.

Our Club takes great pride in protecting and preserving our natural environment and we have “adopted” the area. 

It is therefore with much shock and dissatisfaction that we have recently noticed the painting of some areas of the sea wall and the palm trees. This act of vandalism is not acceptable to us and should not be acceptable by any member of our community.  

We, therefore, ask that persons desist from this behaviour and encourage everyone to appreciate the importance of the need to protect, and preserve our environment, as damage to these spaces should never be tolerated.

We also call on the relevant authorities to investigate this matter with a view to holding those responsible accountable and seeking immediate redress.

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