The stage is set for the Semi-Finals of the 2010/11 Carnival Season

King Socrates

ZIZ News…Dec. 05, 2010 – Sixteen calypsonians have been selected to the semi-finals which is scheduled to take place on December 16 as carnival 2010/11 gets into full gear.

This followed the eliminations which concluded on Saturday night with the Legends Calypso Tent at the De House Nitery. The announcement was made by Chairman of the Calypso sub-committee Mr. Ken Ballantyne.

From the Legends Tent those selected are Alamoulou, Anastasia, Astro, Kinta, Stitch in Time, Lord Kut, I Doni, Singing Angie, Ace and Blazer and from the Grand Masters Calypso Tent: Big Lice, Pungwa, Singing Jackie, I Sour Sop, Hollywood and Calypso Reggie.

The alternate is Godfrey also of the Grand Masters Tent.

King Socrates is the reigning Calypso Monarch and is expected to defend his crown in grand style.

The second eliminations of both tents were carried live on ZIZ Radio on Friday and Saturday.

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