The strong survive as OECS club netball heats up

Elite Strikers Judy Mathurin is airborne in an attempt to intercept a pass during Friday morning’s game

MAY 21, 2010; BASSETERRE, St. Kitts/Nevis – OECS Club Netball champions Elite Strikers of Saint Lucia continued their march towards retaining their title with a more clinical display this morning, as matches in the 2010 Courts-sponsored OECS Club Netball Championship continued.

One Court One, Vita Malt Maple of St. Vincent and the Grenadines began their campaign with a 62 – 26 demolition of Stoney Grove Untouchables of Nevis.

The quarter scores were 16 – 08, 31 – 14, 49 – 21, 62 – 26; all in favour of Vita Malt Maple.

Skiddy Crick was the lead performer for Maple with an 89-percent shooting average; netting 48 of 54 attempts.

Roseclair Hall had a 61-percent shooting average as she shot 14 of her 23 attempts.

For the Untouchables, Latasha Isles scored 23 of 29 attempts a 79-percent shooting average, Lydia Thompson Claxton had a 33-percent shooting average, scoring 2 of 6 attempts, while Shamyse Bartlette scored one of 4 attempts; a 25-percent shooting average.

Meanwhile in the morning’s other game on Court Two, Elite Strikers was given a wakeup call when Fort Knox Aces of Dominica stormed to a 3-0 lead in the first quarter.

The defending champions replied in typical fashion, scoring ten unanswered goals and went into the first quarter, enjoying a 14 – 05 lead.

Action between Fort Knox Aces and Stoney Grove Untouchables on Friday morning (photos by Robertson S Henry)

The Saint Lucians never relinquished the lead, as the remaining quarter scores were 29 – 11, 44 – 17, winning in the end 59 – 27.

Glatta Gabriel enjoyed a 79-percent shooting average as she netted 15 of 19 attempts, Shem Maxwell had an 82-percent shooting average netting 32 of 39 attempts, and Deidra Mathurin scored 12 of 16 attempts; a 75-percent shooting average.

For the Aces, Jennifer Nanton scored 13 of 23 attempts – a 57-percent shooting average, Rosemary Balson had a 71-percent shooting average as she scored 10 of 14 attempts; and Cynthia Joseph scored 4 of six attempts – a 67-percent average as the Dominicans struggled to come to grips with the speed and agility of their opponents.

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