There is no comparison in Healthcare says Hensley Daniel

(ZIZ)– The Nevis Reformation Party [NRP] is standing by its claim that the governing Concerned Citizens Movement [CCM] continues to fail Nevisians where healthcare is concerned.

Speaking recently with ZIZ news, the island’s Former Health Minister, Hensley Daniel, said the CCM government cannot compare to that of the NRP, especially where healthcare is concerned.

“We bought the ultra-modern x-ray machine. We bought ultra-sound machines. We bought new ambulances and we developed a cystoscopy fleet which is like the urology centre. We developed the dialysis unit,” he explained.

Daniel then spoke of the training initiatives that the NRP had put in place to ensure continued professional healthcare is delivered to Nevisians.

“We had 17 doctors in training. We hadn’t trained a pharmacist in 30 years. We have two persons doing pharmacy now and we beefed up the training of nurses. Private sector persons gave us money to facilitate the training of nurses and we were able to assist nurses training in St. Kitts with accommodation and various other things, so that’s the policy direction,” Daniel stated.

Leader of the Opposition in the Federal Parliament, the Honourable Mark Brantley, now serves as Nevis’ health minister.

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