There is Room for Everyone in Carnival

(ZIZ News) – The new Carnival Chairman, Noah Mills said he and his team are taking a different approach to this year’s National Carnival festival.

On Tuesday, during an exclusive interview with ZIZ, Mills said he had a three pronged approach to planning the festival. One of those objectives is to get as many persons involved as possible.

He told our reporter that despite the announcement of him as the new Chairman just two days ago, he has already been soliciting sponsorship.

“Since then, we’ve actively been contacting some of the ones who have always been on board, setting up meetings, and we’ve also been recruiting others because our intention; based on objective number one, all inclusion; is to not only go for the grandeurs, the large corporations, but right down to the very small businessman in terms of micro, small, maybe medium-type enterprises because they too are part of the driving of the economy in St. Kitts and Nevis and they too would like to participate,” the Carnival Chair explained.

Mills said there is room in Carnival for everyone to contribute.

“For example, even if it’s contributing a simple trophy and getting some exposure in some form of Carnival, we are looking forward to develop partnerships such as those,” he said.

Mills was officially announced as the new Chairman of Carnival on Monday August 31st.

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