Thinkers Wanted

(ZIZ News) — The organizers of a unique problem-solving event are calling on everyone to join the discussions.

Monday night’s edition of ZIZ’s “The Round Table” focused on the OECS Business Solutions Think Tank and Hackathon which is scheduled for August 14 and 15 at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

Managing Director of Quintessence Consulting, Telly Onu said the event brings together persons with a variety of experiences to find solutions to common challenges in business.

“The first part of the event is going to be the Think Tank aspect. Where we come together, think through our problems and come up with practical solutions. Then, of course, with technology, we have the techie people who came that might be able to develop an actual application based on the solution that we’ve come up with,” she said.

Rodney Browne, Managing Director of E-Caribbean Ltd, said they have been conducting a survey to determine what areas they should tackle, and one topic that has arisen is market penetration.

“Essentially how can we use technology to better expand our market pentration. So we’ll have customers out there, but are we satisfied with having ‘X percent of the market’? How can we then have an app to allow better reach within the market? That would be the market reach aspect,” he said.

The organizers noted however that the think tank is not just for technology-minded persons.

They hope to tap into a wide cross-section of persons who can contribute to the body.

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