Ticketing Liaison Gives Update on CPL Final

(ZIZ)CPL Ticketing Liaison Kevin Morris is anticipating a huge crowd for Saturday’s final match of this year’s league at Warner Park.

Speaking with ZIZ on Friday, Morris gave an update on the number of tickets sold.

Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris

“Well that’s another aspect of the CPL experience that’s been going very, very well. Tickets are almost sold out so persons trying to get tickets need to come to the ticket booth urgently so they can get a ticket for the CPL games.”

Several late ticket purchasers have queried why they were not able to purchase tickets for the grounds at Warner Park, however, when asked to clarify that situation; Morris said it was important to keep patrons and players safe.

“For security purposes, every area has a capacity and then we have to sell tickets according to the capacity for the designated area,” he explained. “The grounds also have a capacity so we have to sell the tickets according to the capacity for the grounds and the same thing applies to the stands because we only have a certain number of seats so we sell according to available seats.”

ZIZ News also used the opportunity to ask about ticket sales for the party stand at Warner Park.

“The party stand has been doing okay and it can still be a lot better and we are hoping that persons would come out and support the activities going on in the party stand. Free drinks, free food, pool, all sorts of party atmosphere, music…it’s a real party atmosphere so we’re encouraging persons to come out and purchase their tickets for the party stand as well.”

The final of the Caribbean Premier League bowls off at 4pm.

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