Tourism Industry Worker speaks on importance of his job

(ZIZ News) — It was a busy day on Thursday June 25th for employees within the tourism sector as hundreds of tourists lined the streets of Basseterre and visited shops at Port Zante.

One group of young men seemed particularly busy as they were able to provide entertainment for the tourists through their monkey business.

Glen Govia told our reporter that he had been in the monkey business for many years, even when he worked as an employee of the St. Kitts Sugar Manufacturing Corporation.

“I’ve been in the monkey (business) for 15 years and it’s a great job. I wish I did this from the start of my lifetime,” Govia stated.

“It’s very, very nice. Very, very proud. The money is really, really big to be honest with you. I won’t say the figure again but it’s money, big money. I could afford to feed my eight kids, six from my wife. My wife and myself comfortable,” Govia explained.

He said the job is rewarding in many ways. For him, in addition to being financially able to provide for his family, he meets people from various countries who become intrigued by the monkey business.

“This money is really important. I love this job. Like I said, I’m gonna repeat again, I meet people from all over the globe and it’s a pleasure. I get friends and they send me back things and so. I just love it,” he said.

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