Tourism Minister Grant Pledges Support for Developing Land Based Tourism

(ZIZ News) — While Cruise Tourism in St. Kitts and Nevis continues to reap benefits for employees within the tourism sector, the situation is not the same for land based tourism.

This week, the Hon. Lindsay Grant pledged to dedicate much of his time to boosting that aspect of the nation’s tourism product.

“We have serious challenges in that area,” Grant said, adding that “Cruise Tourism generates about one million passengers per year, on the other hand, land based only accounts for about 110 thousand visitors per year and so, we have a lot a lot a lot of work in that area”

“That is why I have said and I continue to say that my tenure, my first five years in the Government, would be to focus the attention on land based tourism and to get that part of the industry as vibrant as the cruise sector is at the moment,” Minister Grant explained.

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