Tourism PS says Restaurant Week is similar to a stimulus package

(ZIZ News) – As restaurants across the federation participate in the 2nd Annual Restaurant Week, Permanent Secretary in The Ministry of Tourism, Mrs. Carlene Henry Morton says the 12- day event is “like a Stimulus Package”.

She made the comments while appearing on this week’s edition of working for you on ziz radio.

“Restaurant Week is taking place around a time when traditionally it is what we call the dull season. The tourist season is taking off if so to speak even though we are seeing much more action these days with ships coming in but it is still relatively slow when you compare it to the peak season. It is very much like Music Festival. It is a time when you want to stimulate the economy, you want people to still make a decent living. You want the restaurateurs, the Eating establishments to be able to keep a full staff so that people can meet their commitments. It’s almost like a stimulus package”, the Permanent Secretary stated.

The Permanent Secretary also encouraged restaurant owners to use the Restaurant Week as a marketing opportunity.

“We want our restaurants and our eating establishments to take this opportunity to actually promote themselves, market themselves, so that persons who would not necessarily have known about them before begin to hear about them now and can tell other people about them’, Morton explained.

Persons who dine out during restaurant week will be able to take advantage of special promotions and fun ways to earn deals at their favourite restaurants.

The week runs from July 13 to 24.

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