Traffic Department issues parking guidelines for ICC WT20 matches in St.Kitts

Warner Park Cricket Facility

ZIZ News…April 28, 2010 – Motorists will have limited movement for some six to seven days following the implementation of the traffic plan for the ICC cricket scheduled to begin early May.

Speaking on the traffic plan for the Cricket, head of the Traffic Department, Inspector Cromwell Henry told the Media in Kitts/Nevis, no parking will be permitted on the streets around Warner Park i.e. Losack Road, East Park Range, Victoria Road and Taylors Range during the matches which will commence 5 May and end 11 May.

Further, Henry said no traffic will be permitted to flow on Park Range and Losack road from 6 a.m. to 30 minutes after the games which usually finish at approximately 5 p.m. He said during that period limited traffic will be permitted on Victoria road.

He said staff at the Basseterre High School and the Medical Associates on Victoria Road will be permitted access via Taylors Range. Basseterre high school will not be used as a public parking area therefore persons entering there will have to show their staff identification or they will not be allowed to go on the grounds, Henry noted.

The traffic inspector said, the public would be permitted to park on the play field between the Washington Archibald High School and the Beach Allen Primary school adding security will be provided.

He said other areas of parking include the parking lot on the eastern and western end of Port Zante. Henry said at the moment there is a small fee of 5 dollars per day which they will seek to have it waived with the owners “but we have not been able to come to an agreement with the owners (as yet).”

He said, however, whether or not there is a fee they will still encourage persons to utilize the designated parking areas because a number of parking spaces will not be available during the games. He also said the penalty for parking in restricted areas is $100.00

Meanwhile, he said only authorised vendors and caterers will be permitted to enter the grounds and will be subjected to a search at the youth and community center and then escorted to the stadium.

Commenting on the timeline to have plans implemented and whether there was enough for public adjustment he said “yes because it is nothing new, these arrangements are what we normally use for major events at the Warner Park.”

He said the public is used to this kind of arrangements but mentioned the only thing new is that there will be six to seven days of restricted parking in areas where people are accustomed.

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