Traffic Department Speaks On Accident Procedures

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 9, 2020 (ZIZ News):The traffic department is continuing its campaign to sensitize the general public on issues and solutions that affect pedestrians and motorists on the road.

On Wednesday’s edition of “On the Road” Second in Command at the Traffic Department Inspector Phillip Eddy was joined by Constables Daniel John and Anson Belle-Carty from the Traffic Department to speak on their experience with dealing with traffic accidents.

Constable John explained that the most common traffics accidents are collisions from the rear.

He also spoke of the procedures that are carried out by officers when investigating an accident.

“Well first thing is first, make sure everybody is safe, no one is injured, then you go to get the explanation, measurements, damages and serving notices.”

Constable Belle-Carty added that the officers would also check licenses and insurance policies and advised that officers on the scene must pay close attention to the insurance policies to ensure that persons are not in violation.

“You have to look carefully at the insurance policy because there are a number of people driving vehicles and the insurance policy doesn’t cover them. Not because the vehicle is insured means it is insured for them to be driving because they have different policies – 25 and older, 2 years of having a license and those kinds of things.”

Constable Belle-Carty made mention of some of the traffic violations that would lead to an arrest.

“I have arrested people from traffic accidents – either their license expire or they don’t have a license, insurance expired.” He said. As it pertains to fatal accidents the Constable continued, “its procedure to arrest the person and follow certain protocols. It’s not saying the person is wrong but it’s just for further investigation.”

“On the Road” airs every Wednesday on ZIZ radio at 8:30am during the “Morning Show”.


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