Training Continues With High Scope Program

(ZIZ News) In September, the day-care and nursery teachers will be engaged in training in the High Scope Curriculum for a three-month period.

Jacqueline Morris, Director of the Early Childhood Unit said, High Scope is a curriculum that was introduced since the 1980’s but is being re-introduced to train all teachers.

The aim is to have the training completed by 2018.

“It’s really a child-friendly curriculum that focuses on the children’s needs and interests and ensuring the approach is developmentally appropriate. It also has the shared approach where the child is in control as well as the teacher is in control. And the child in control doesn’t mean the child is taking over. But it is the recognition that children need to be directly involved in the learning process so it allows them to develop all the critical skills that will allow them to function in a competitive world,” she said.

Among the areas for training are first aid, music and movement for young children; and exposing children to appropriate activities to equip them with early stimulation for holistic development.

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