Twenty-Five (25) Years Of Transformation To Better Serve The Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

Basseterre, St. Kitts– On Thursday 22nd April, the Eastern Caribbean Home Mortgage Bank (Trading as ECHMB Capital) begins celebrating 25 years of success. With an initial remit to establish the secondary mortgage market in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (“ECCU”), ECHMB Capital continues to make indelible contributions to
the development of the ECCU’s financial landscape.

ECHMB Capital has issued more than $1.95 billion investment grade corporate debt instruments, paid more than $170.00 million in interest and purchased in excess of $400.00 million in mortgages. The Bank has generated more than $84.76 million in Net Profit and has distributed dividends totaling $34.87 million. Initial investors in the
ECHMB Capital’s equity paid $100.00 per share. To date, the Bank’s cumulative dividend per share totaled $129.75.

As the premier indigenous wealth creating institution in ECCU, our sustainability agenda is founded on our aim to enhance financial inclusion and help citizens achieve their ambitions by fulfilling their financial services needs in a responsible and sustainable manner. The Bank enables our citizens, businesses and society in general to grow in a way that is sustainable in the long-term. We try to achieve this by make sure that our operations have benign impact of the ECCU’s ecological integrity. Our sustainability approach aims to balance social, economic and environmental risks and opportunities through the deliberate use of our products and services, collaboration and partnership, and by managing our own impact.

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