Two Wounded During Police Arrest

Craig Halliday
Craig Halliday

(ZIZ News) – The local police force is reporting that the 18th illegal firearm, so far this year, has been removed from the streets. This came following an unusual incident where two individuals were shot while the police was seeking to arrest another.

The altercation reportedly occurred on Sunday at about 8:50pm in an alley that connects Upper Thibou and Shaw Avenues.

The police were seemingly in the process of apprehending Craig “Jumbies” Halliday, who is of Upper Thibou Avenue for carrying an illegal firearm” and it was then that Akeem Chumney of Fort Thomas Road and an unnamed juvenile received gunshot wounds.

Except for that the two injured men were at the time accompanying Halliday, no mention was made of how they became involved in the arrest and were subsequently wounded.

Both victims were reportedly treated and detained at the hospital while Halliday was detained by police for illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

We are told that the force’s Office of Professional Standards will be commissioned to carry out the investigation.


Meantime…A large quantity of marijuana plants and seeds were confiscated by police during an early morning search operation, also on Sunday, this time in the Phillip’s and Molineaux areas.

The searches by the Special Services, Anti-Drug Unit, K-9 units and soldiers of the St. Kitts-Nevis Defence Force, were concentrated on a number of abandoned houses, shacks and overgrown lots in those areas, the police say.

Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for Operations, Vaughan Henderson commended the officers on the find and called on members of the public to cooperate with the police in its fight against crime and eradication of illegal drugs.

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