Uhral St. Clair Swanston Highway is official; road named after local hero

Minister of Social Development in the Nevis Island Administration Hon. Hensley Daniel (l) and local hero Mr. Uhral St. Clair Swanston during the official road renaming ceremony from the Island Main Road from Market Shop to Zion to the Uhral St. Clair Swanston Highway

NEVIS (August 28, 2010) — The stretch of road from Market Shop in Gingerland to the end of Zion Hill was officially renamed the Uhral St. Clair Swanston Highway on Thursday in honour of pioneer politician and businessman from Zion Village Mr. Uhral Swanston. He served Nevis with distinction during and after his tenure in the Federal Government in the 1970’s and as an outstanding businessman.

The renaming ceremony was the eighth to be hosted by the Ministry of Social Development in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA). Under that initiative, a number of landmarks on Nevis were renamed after local heroes who had contributed in a range of areas to the development of Nevis.

In his remarks at the ceremony which was attended by a cross section of Nevisians, Minister of Social Development Hon. Hensley Daniel said the renaming in honour of Mr. Swanston was an act with was pregnant with significance.

Local Hero and Honouree Mr. Uhral St. Clair Swanston with his grand children in hand lead other family members to the site of the road renaming ceremony in his honour at the bottom of Zion Hill

“For him it is a small and insignificant act, for the rest of us especially the young, it is of the highest significance. It says to the young that with sacrifice, selflessness and service to God and country, you can climb new heights and decorate your life with laurels.

“We are pleased then to say that Swanston is a true patriarch. We are more pleased to say to all that the lives of great men all reminds us we can make our lives sublime and departing leave behind us footprints in the sands of time,” he said.

The Minister noted that Mr. Swanston’s life in politics had been marked by his service. A founding member of the Nevis Reformation Party, Mr. Daniel referred to him as the voice of the political party in and out of government.

The new road sign which carries the name of local hero and Zion Businessman Mr. Uhral St. Clair Swanston after it was unveiled by the honouree. The sign is erected at the bottom of Zion Hill

Mr. Daniel also pointed to the fact that Mr. Swanston continued to go about his daily life like an ordinary Nevisian working, laughing and loving.

“Swanston is one of those rear breeds of political servants who have been in opposition and government, who can truthfully say and prove before God and man ‘my hands are clean’. He came to politics with family, friends and fortitude, he will leave the same. I am to hope that those who are coming behind him will see and emulate his selflessness,” Mr. Daniel said.

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