Update On Last Lap Bar Incident Involving Tourism Minister Grant

The investigation into an altercation between a police officer and a sitting member of the cabinet is before the DPP, according to Commissioner of PoliceHilroy Brandy.

According to a police source, the DPP or Director of Public Prosecutions sometimes reviews cases that may not be as straightforward as prescribed by law, and would then provide guidance to the police on how to proceed.

During the Prime Minister’s Press Conference on Thursday, Mr. Brandy gave an update on an incident involving tourism Minister Hon. Lindsay Grant at the Last Lap Bar in January.



Following the incident, Minister Grant released a statement saying that the videos that circulated did not provide the full extent of the incident; that he understood the position he holds, and that he regretted how the circumstances were portrayed.


He also encouraged the police to investigate the matter fully.


It is unclear if charges have been laid in the matter at this time.

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