Update on Naomi’s Preschool Sporting Events

Track+Field-1(Sports Page)— The updated statistics have been released after the road races held at the Naomi’s Preschool.

The road races were held on Thursday 5th March and the top placers were as follows:

Girls—2 1/2 years
1st Tyree Nisbett
2nd Eirelee Herbert
3rd Imalya Jeffers

Girls-1 ½ years
1st Anyah Warner

Girls 2 to 3 years
1st Aaliyah Nisbett

Boys 2 to 3 years
1st Mekhi Bristol

Girls 4 to 5 years
1st Alecia Douglas

Boys 4 to 5 years
1st Ryan Taylor

Current point standings
Blue house -87 points
Red house—79 points

The school’s annual sports meet will be held on Thursday 12th March at the St. Thomas’ Primary School’s grounds.

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